Traditional Aged Sliced Salami

Verkerks Traditional Aged Salami is made according to the processes Aalt learnt in Holland in the 1940s. Natural fermentation and further aging provide a distinctive rich flavour. Available in Chorizo and Venison, Red Wine & Chilli.

Traditional Dry Bacon

Made using the same simple recipe Aalt learnt in Holland over 50 years ago; a dry salt cure (no water added) followed by hot smoking. Fries in seconds and sensationally tasty – just like it should be! Available in Danish and Streaky.

Snack Sticks

A shelf stable high protein low carbohydrate snack alternative, very tasty and perfect for the lunchbox!

Available in Tasty Bierstick and Spicy Chorizo flavours in 15 and 70 gram packs for a more substantial snack.

What do you want

What do you want?


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